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Faxon Duty Series 18", Big Gunner, .308 WIN, Rifle-Length, 4150 QPQ Nitride AR-10 Barrel
Faxon Firearms
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Faxon's .308 continue our fantastic barrel-making with a bit more punch. We've updated our previous Medium-Taper profile taking into account customer feedback, optimizing the barrel to meet the Gunner brand's high standards. The .308 Big Gunner profile barrels are the big-brother to our famous 5.56 Gunner barrels. The Big Gunners feature a medium-taper behind the gas block. The gas block journal is set to .750" for compatibility with most common gas blocks and 1.9" in length for long blocks or aftermarket piston kits. From the gas block journal forward we use a thinner taper, designed to reduce weight yet maintain rigidity for high rates of fire and as a suppressor host. The Gunner barrels are ideal for any competition or duty use. When the seconds count, count on the Gunner profile.

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Faxon Firearms 18" .308 Win Rifle Length Big Gunner Barrel
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Faxon Firearms 308 Winchester Big Gunner Profile Barrel 18" Rifle-Length
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