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CZC A01-LD (By CZ Custom Shop)
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Built from scratch at CZ Custom, the A01 is the evolution of the Shadow series as Angus would have done it. The frame is the star of the show and is hammer-forged, CNC-machined and then blued. Very obvious is its massively heavy dustcover which kills both recoil and muzzle rise. With a deep beavertail, undercut triggerguard, raised 25 LPI checkering and an internal magwell, it combines classic CZ 75 ergonomics with purposedriven features ideal for competition. To ensure that the trigger is up to snuff, both the hammer and the sear are directly pinned in the frame to solidify trigger pull consistency. DA pull weight is from 8-8.5 lbs. while SA clocks in at 3-3.5 lbs. and a short reset is standard. The trigger itself is lifted from the CZ 85 Combat. The slide is CNCed from 4140 bar stock and features front and rear serrations and CZ Custom low-mount rear sight and fiber-optic front. Icing on the cake is a 4.925” match-grade bull barrel made from 416 stainless steel. Built for the higher capacity P-09/P-07/P-10 magazine platform, the A01-LD ships with two 19-round P-09 magazines. Made in Mesa, AZ, USA.

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CZ A01 LD 9mm Luger
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CZ-USA CZC A01-LD 9mm Pistol
Better than average price on this product$2,279.99  Better than average price on this product
CZ-USA Custom Shop A01-LD 9mm
Wrose than average price on this product$2,411.20  Wrose than average price on this product
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