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A Little Bit About How Deals Get Published

Every deal that is submitted undergoes strict scrutinization to ensure it is suitable for this site. That of course begs the question, “What makes a deal suitable?” So let’s look at that.

Basically, if the product or service is related to firearms or related activities it’s pretty much suitable. That includes items related to hunting, competitive shooting sports, and self defense. I know, that’s a pretty broad base. However, it does limit the scope enough to keep it relevant to the topics which are typically explored on

That, however, is only the tip of the iceberg. The next thing that is checked is if the link goes to a reputable seller or service provider. It’s impossible to know all of them as new businesses pop up all the time. Links to sellers or providers that are seen for the first time get a smell test. Those that appear to be (or known to be) partake in questionable business practices are excluded. This isn’t a perfect process and few may slip through the cracks, but all links to those sellers are immediately pulled from the site as soon as we become aware of the error.

Affiliate links are fine. There is nothing wrong with putting a little scratch in your pocket after having gone through the trouble of finding and sharing a deal. Those of you who are posting affiliate links might want to be aware that the site operates on a first in first out basis within the context of current pricing and accurate product information.

For example, let’s say that a seller puts a product on sale. The first link submitted to that seller’s product page with correct pricing is the one that will be seen on the site while that pricing is valid. Subsequent submitted links will only replace the first submission if and only if they reflect more accurate information such as supplying a model product number that was not included in the prior link submission. Accurate pricing is the top priority. So if the price changes, then the first link submitted that reflects the updated price will replace the deal with the outdated price.

This is the process for the time being and it is open to anyone without forcing folks to create an account and sign in. This process is subject to change to prevent abuse and allow it to scale.

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