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9mm - 147 gr HST JHP - Federal Premium (P9HST2) - 1000 Rounds
Tactical® HST® 9mm Luger 147 Grains (1000 Rounds)
Wrose than average price on this product$699.00  Wrose than average price on this product

Concealed carry and those who own a 9mm for personal protection know that selecting the correct round can make all the difference. Unfortunately, far too many of the ammunition options available to civilians are not specifically designed for this application and may fail when needed the most. Now you have another option the 9mm 147 gr. HST JHP by Federal Premium. These rounds are not LIKE those carry by law enforcement professionals; they ARE the IDENTICAL rounds carried by law enforcement across the nation. For that reason, they are specifically designed for use in self-defense situations and will succeed where others fail. This ammunition, available only in small run batches, utilizes a 147-grain Jacketed Hollow Point bullet with a special tip to prevent clogging. Paired with nickel-plated brass casing for increased visibility in low light conditions and non-corrosive boxer primers. In addition, the HST line has been engineered to provide 100% weight retention. Even after passing through most barriers, damaging expansion and next-generation performance. In conclusion, if you carry a firearm for the protection you need to consider your ammunition’s performance in self-defense situations. You need to consider 9mm 147 gr. HST Federal Premium as your next ammunition choose.

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Tactical® HST® 9mm Luger 147 Grains (1000 Rounds)
Vista Outdoor Operations LLC
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Tactical® HST® offers consistent expansion and optimum penetration for terminal performance. See for yourself, click below for how this hollow-point round performs under FBI's stringent protocol testing.

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Federal Premium LE 9mm 147 Grain Tactical HST JHP (1000 Rounds)
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